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04/05: Preview: Nottingham Forest
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
"There was a minor distraction in the Main Stand to our left (like our own, no longer appropriately titled) where an unprompted confrontation flared between the Forest support and the stewards. This is the second season running that we've witnessed such an event, and one can only speculate as to the cause... perhaps the stewards are carrying Forest supporters off to feed to Brian Clough, skulking in some darkened room underneath the stadium. Who knows."

How will they do?
Perhaps the most convincing thing about Joe Kinnear's appointment is that here is a guy who is unlikely to give two hoots about Brian Clough's legacy, what Forest won twenty years ago and so forth. Elements of the support could do with a bit more of this too of course, but in any event Forest are unlikely to find themselves in the predicament that they appeared to be for much of last season. An albeit still disappointing fourteenth was achieved despite the appalling first-half of the season, and whilst midfield options still look limited at the time of writing you'd fancy Forest have a fair chance of a play-off place.