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04/05: Preview: Coventry City
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
"That said, as they pressed forward in the last few minutes, it felt as if Coventry had missed the boat. Which isn't to say that they'd have deserved the victory any more than us...but, having repeatedly exposed our weaknesses, especially in wide positions, they ought to have scored long before. It did seem as if it was going to be our night, even if would quickly be forgotten in favour of gazing at the league table and working out where the next win might take us. And it hadn't always seemed that way...."

How will they do?
Very odd goings on at Coventry where Eric Black's services were disposed of after he overachieved with a limited squad last season. In comes Peter Reid, bringing a couple of old codgers with him. Oh, and Stephen Hughes. Meanwhile grandiose but, as yet, unsubstantiated takeover plans grab the headlines they were presumably designed for. Bottom half.