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03/04: Preview: Franchise FC
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson and Ian Grant

How did they do?
Paid a coachload of shoppers and a couple of cardboard cutouts to come down to our place from Milton Keynes. Cardboard cutouts reputed to have complained about the pies.

How will they do?
Have some good kids, but the continued haemorrhaging of anyone who can kick a ball straight will do nothing for the squad or its confidence. Oh, and Dean Holdsworth, previously on his way to Scottish Div 3 with Gretna, is hardly going to pull up any trees. He could lean on a few and see if they bow under his bulk though. One concern is that the first club going bust precipitates a wave of others. However, as the Football authorities have repeatedly pointed out, Franchise FC are an exception, not a precedent. Let's hope so.

Franchise FC as a shade of Crown Paint
Why bother with your own living room, when you can move into someone else's? (And then buy all the paint, lose the receipt, sell it for a knock-down price, move back to your rented hovel, plead poverty, phone everyone you know to ask if you can sleep on their sofa, blah-blah-blah, yawn-yawn-yawn....)