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03/04: Preview: West Ham United
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson and Ian Grant

How did they do?
Continued to surprise throughout the season... first with how abominably they started, then by staging such a miraculous recovery, then by blowing it again. Got relegated. Still not sure how.

How will they do?
Something has clearly been going wrong for this squad to end up in Division One. The Hammers are unrivalled in being-there-to-be-shot-atness in the division this season, and may start slowly. Even allowing for the players that have been departing, however, the squad is way too strong for the first division, and if replacements as strong as Connolly come in West Ham look well set. If the bulk of the squad is retained, look good to go straight back up.

West Ham as a shade of Crown Paint
  "Apple Tree"
An admirable choice of colour, all in all. Just a bit of a shame that the decorating didn't go exactly as planned. It doesn't look quite so good when it's dripped on the carpet, the skirting boards, the sofa, and your clothes, really...