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03/04: Preview: Watford
Factfile and Other Bits


Danny Webber (Man United, Nominal)
Bruce Dyer (Barnsley, Free)
Jimmy Davis (Man United, Loan)

Dominic Foley (Sporting Braga, Free)
Stephen Glass (Hibernian, Free)
Allan Nielsen (Herfolge, Free)
Gifton Noel-Williams (Stoke, Free)
Neil Saunders (Colchester, Free)
Fabian Forde
Matt Langston
Barrie Matthews
Nick Williams

Watford as a shade of Crown Paint
  "Hip Hip Hooray"
Hip hip hooray, indeed. (Wish it was a more pleasant colour, mind you....)
Soundbites (from assorted Census correspondents)
"I've just crashed my new car AND am pissed off - WHY AM I DOING THIS ?????"

"On November 29, 2000, Pope John Paul II was named an "Honorary Harlem Globetrotter". India has a Bill of Rights for cows"

"What, no aubergines?"

"All is wonderful---summer hols are near!! Guess what - I'm a teacher..."

"I saw Rio Ferdinand on Friday night and called him Stan Collymore by mistake"

"Why no continuation of the campaign for real cake? Balti pies are so passé"

"I work with Paul Robinson's parent's Goddaughter who's parents are Paul Robinson's godparents. Apparently his hair style for the semi was due to watching The Salon..hmm"

"After West Ham gubbed us at the Vic in 2000, I overheard some Hammer twonk say, "Well, it's all a big adventure for them, innit?". Somehow, I'm going to get even with him this season..."

"Dave Messenger has, on occasion, read the Daily Mail! I know!"

"I can't believe Fincham is getting married"

"Don't be so nosey. Oh alright. I'm hoping to move house soon and wondered if anyone had a spare day to help me. If not, perhaps you can supply some materièl. Maybe you have a van or some corrugated cardboard. Or even a nice box. Or perhaps you like popping bubblewrap. Whatever your/you're packing or removal talents, we NEED you. There will be FREE BEER down West Herts for all those helping and PORK SCRATCHINGS for anyone who doesn't break anything. You can e-mail me if you are interested in this exciting project"

"Anyone who reads the Daily Mail should probably be shot, before they get to the immigrants"

"two m's. oh dear"

"I never watched the A - team, just about make it to 15-20 first team home games a season, and no reserve games, so A-team games would be pushing it. Sorry"

"The Chineese language does not have a word for fluffy..."

"Pre season delusion is great"

"Unfortunately because I chose clap clap my neighbours have complained about the noise .... again the bastards!"

"Mountain goats can be quite vicious"

"I was happy til you mentioned the Daily Mail"

"The club should play better music before and after the games, and in half time. How about 'The Smiths'? Oh, and z-cars has waited long enough for its triumphal return"

"Steve Terry is my 2nd cousin"

"I like to party, everybody does"

"Our first baby is due on 13th August. It's bound to turn up on the 9th or 16th. It does already own a WFC jumpsuit and jacket."