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03/04: Preview: Walsall
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson and Ian Grant

How did they do?
Trundled along inconspicuously in the bottom half of the table never looking in any real danger but never quite threatening to pull into comfy mid-table either.

How will they do?
Have cast-off the "happy-just-to-be-here" mantle with some aggressive signings... Merson's best days may be behind him, but as a statement his recruitment is significant. More useful in the longer term may be the impressive capture of Simon Osborn. Still can't bring myself to think of Colin Lee as a decent manager though... and the question of who he will sign when he runs out of old muckers remains (of the summer recruits, Osborn, Emblen, Lawrence and Oakes have all played under Lee before). Lower mid-table.

Walsall as a shade of Crown Paint
  "Sail White"
A safe choice, and refreshingly dull, if such a thing is possible. You know what you're getting with "Sail White", and it's not anything that's likely to lead to accusations of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen-ism. Whether the decision to paint the skirting boards in "Merson Crimson" was entirely wise remains to be seen, mind...