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03/04: Preview: Norwich City
Opposition opinion
by Steve Whitlam of Norwich site Flown from the Nest

What happened last season?
Simply were not good enough to keep up a challenge for promotion. Started well but lack of depth to the squad was our downfall. Personally we did well to finish 8th.

What's going to happen next season?
Depends on whether we splash the cash and bring in anyone new. I think we've done well in bringing Jim Brennan to Carrow Road from Forest but we've lost Kenton, Emblen, Nedergaard, Llewellyn, Heckingbottom, Sutch, McGovern since start of last season. We've got promising youngsters but need a few wise heads to help bring them through.

Can you recommend a pub for away fans?
Safe bet might be one of the pubs in the Riverside development near the station

What's the nearest railway station?
Norwich station - the only station in Norwich. A five minute walk from Carrow Road

Where is the best place to park?
Carpark near the station should be close and safe enough. Otherwise try one of the small roads leading off Thorpe Road.

Word Association
Norwich City Pride of Anglia
Beckham Fed up with the hype
Milton Keynes Artificial City, Artificial football
The Premiership Don't you mean the "Greed is Good" League?
Division Two Despair
Clint Easton Interesting hairstyle... reminds me of a baby mallard
Watford Nice kit, good signings, not one of our lucky sides

Soundbites (from assorted Census correspondents)

"You won't get many seats at Carrow Road next November due to us re-building a stand, so sorry about that. All the best for the season."

"I learnt more in a 3 minute song than I learnt at school Bruce Springsteen is still the boss"

"City for the Premier 2003/2004"(bit late for that mate - ed) "Wealdstone, what was all that about then?"

"Putting 5 big mac's on a lean mean fat grilling machine doesnt mean you're healthy."

"Good luck for the next season, please dont humiliate us at your place again. Oh and LETS ALL LAUGH AT IPSWICH! David Sheepshanks - Footballing (and financial dealings) Guru. Thankyou and goodnight. (if anyone has a job for me as well 80k a year minimum, travel writer pref, well that would be great)"

"Just because someone lives on the top floor, it doesn't mean they are above everybody else"