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03/04: Reports:

Nationwide Division One, 13/09/03, 12.30pm
By Mary Grimson

I arrived at the ground and scanned the adjacent stand, looking for a friend who I knew would be attending the game. When kick-off came...don't you just love the way everyone stands up when Z-Cars is played...I was still searching and my attention took a little while to become focused on the game. It didn't help that we were playing in our all-white away strip, presumably to promote it to a global audience, courtesy of TV. I expect people in far-flung places will now be clamouring for a Watford away shirt rather than a Real Madrid home shirt...I digress. Fortunately, I focused in time to witness the first goal of the game - a lovely move involving Gavin and Lee, finished by Bruce.

The rest of the first half seemed to take an age, and was peppered by the random decisions of a referee who was determined to enjoy his exposure on TV. When he gave the penalty, Alec walked backed to his goal looking perplexed - an expression mirrored on many faces in the Rookery, where fans turned to each other to see if anyone had seen...well, anything! Whatever...we went in at half-time on an upbeat note, leading 2-1, with Millwall down to ten men.

Ray has been searching for a right sided attacking midfielder since the loss of Jimmy, and he signed Paul Devlin from Birmingham City in time for this game. Paul impressed me with his skill, awareness and downright thoughtful play. He will make a welcome addition to the team. In contrast to this very experienced thirty-one year old, a first team debut was also given to eighteen year old Ashley Young, who slotted competently in to the left side in the second half. He was scythingly welcomed by a Millwall player, but still wanted the ball, and crowned his debut by being in the right place at the right time to score from close range at the far post. Ashley was mobbed by jubilant Watford players, and the crowd celebrated a win and three points with joy and a certain amount of relief.

So, if you are searching, you can find what you are looking for - and maybe something you weren't looking for as well.