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03/04: Preview: Gillingham
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
Much the same as for the previous couple of seasons... worked hard, gouged out a very comfortable place in the middle of the table and once again failed to ever look much like losing to us (that's one slightly academic win in ten attempts, if we're counting). The slight concern you'd have for Hessenthaler is that Gillingham's achievements have been so unerringly repeated year-on-year that when a season arrives in which they have bad luck with injuries or struggle for any other reason, they'll be judged by unfairly high standards...

How will they do?
...and it's not impossible that this will happen this season; the Gills look very solid defensively, but the loss of Simon Osborn is a big blow in the middle of the park and they might struggle for goals. Nor will a thinnish squad be able to soak up a serious injury crisis, but the worst that can happen is an unglamorous but unthreatened mid-lower table. There are several more pathetic sides than the Gills in the division this season.

Gillingham as a shade of Crown Paint
  "Rubber Duck"
A cheeky little number. The appeal might start to wane after a while, mind...