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03/04: Reports:

Nationwide Division One, 30/03/03, 7.45pm
Alone and an easy target
By Simon Devon

Second hand car salesmen, estate agents, David Pleat, traffic wardens and Rob Styles. All bastards. People we love to hate. Can't find a good word to say about them. Basically, they are easy targets. Why spend my time thinking of a rational reason to hate someone or something when I can just take it out on a traffic warden? It makes you feel better and everyone agrees with you. Sorted.

It seems that Burnley have become and easy target for Watford fans in the last few years. Personally, I have noting against the Clarets. How could we hold anything against a team who lets us score 7 a few weeks after we knocked them out of the FA cup quarter finals? It just doesn't seem right somehow. I could also make a cheap shot at northern knuckle draggers here, but that would upset the London Clarets, so I'd better not (it's all that Rowson fella's fault...). And lets face it, we could do with Burnley performing exactly how they have done the last few times we have played them given our, ahem, slow start to the season.

Burnley line up with Brian Jensen between the sticks, the former WBA man joining them as part of Stan Ternent's summer shake up. Both keepers from last season, Marlon Beresford and the launderette owner from Eastenders, have moved on.

Stan the man has also made a flurry signings in defense, and after shipping seven against Watford last year this was probably needed! Mo Camara was signed from Wolves while Lee Roche and David May have joined from Man U. Roche is an outstanding prospect who has joined to enhance his chance of first team football. Hmm, that sounds familiar. Other familiar names such as Steve Davis have moved on, but players such as Dean West and Paul Weller are still at the club.

In midfield another former Man U player, Luke Chadwick, has joined on a season-long loan. Another loan signing has been Gareth Farelly who has signed up for a month from Bolton with Glenn Little moving in the opposite direction.

Up front, with our old friend Gareth Taylor now at Forest, Robbie Blake has been banging them in with 6 so far this season. He played as one of three up front at Franchise with Ian Moore and Delroy Facey.

So that's enough about the opposition, what about Watford? Well, our season began badly and seems to be getting worse of late, with heads going down far too easily. It would seem that some fans are already beginning to question the management. Let's not make Ray our easy target. Burnley are beatable and we must find the will to do so. We can start by getting behind the lads.

Come on!