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02/03: Reports:

Nationwide Division One, 25/02/03
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Call yourself a football team!
As submitted via the comments form

You my non footballing friends were without doubt the most boring side to have visted Molineux this season, if I had to endure that piffle severed up by a defence minded bunch of amateurs week in week out I would have surley done the decent thing and gone have dropped in on your more illustrious neighbours down the road, you know the ones i'm talking about the mighty Leyton Orient. Also when the heat was really turned up on your non preforming monkeys last night the cheating tactics executed by your backroom staff ie the trainer running on to the pitch without permisson so the play could be stopped when Kennedy was flying down the wing and the ball could then be returned via the customary hoofing of the ball back to the goalkeeper was embarrasing to watch. Small town in Hertfordshire exactly ! your claim to fame "we're close to London you know" laughable, you see we don't have anything to do with those Brum boys down the road, if we had the choice we'd have a chuffing high wall built north of Walsall and finally I must refer to your mighty away support, good job the transit van didn't break down heh boys or there'd be at most 16 empty beds not slept in last night.

Submitted anonymously (although if anyone wants to claim it...)