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02/03: Reports:

FA Cup Fifth Round, 15/02/03, 3.00pm
Walking tall
By David Hart

Following my plea of last week, Josh and I must thank each and every one of you who made the trip to the Stadium of Light on Saturday. What a truly magnificent weekend, and the spirit of the Watford faithful shone through like it always seems to do on this type of occasion.

From when my Dad traveled from South Devon to our Northumberland home and then spent an hour cutting up a Yellow Pages into ticker tape, to the players walking over to applaud the fabulous away support before the game, I knew this could be one special moment in a lifetime of supporting the Golden Boys.

It was a truly great day, and we, the fans, did make a difference. No longer are Watford irrelevant to the north east population, and no longer are we thought of as having just a few quiet supporters. As for Josh, my ten year old son, he took a radio into school to listen to the draw because "Miss Grant, my maths teacher, is a Newcastle fan and she'll be so pleased with Watford she'll let me listen!"

Happy days indeed!