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02/03: Reports:

FA Cup Fifth Round, 15/02/03, 3.00pm
Previous encounters

Last time: 0-2 (10/08/99)
Lingering Memory: Stopping at M1 services for the eclipse.
Previous results: See Watford Versus...

Our opponents

Last match: vs. Tottenham Hotspur (A, 08/02/03, L1-4)
Last line-up: T.Sorensen, S.Wright, G.McCartney, J.Craddock, E.Thome, T.El Karkouri, G.McCann, S.Thornton, J.Arca, M.Proctor, K.Phillips (Subs: P.Babb, M.Piper, T.Flo, P.Thirlwell, J.Macho)
Ex-Black Cats at Watford: Alec Chamberlain
Ex-Hornets at Sunderland: Superkev
Mutual friends: Tony Coton, Gerry Harrison, Mick Henderson, Wilf Rostron, Colin West
Web sites: Ready to Go, Red and White Barmy (Rivals), Official

Shorts, Scarf or Souwester?: See Met Office (Tynemouth)

On this day

Previous reports: None
Celebrity birthdays: Galileo Galilei (1564), Jane Seymour (1951)
Historical events: Mustard was advertised for the first time in America (1758), Kabul Select play British Army XI in front of 30000 at Afghanistan's Olympic Stadium (2002)
Saint of the day: St Sigfrid, an Eleventh Century Bishop of York, was sent to sort out the wicked Swedes. Arriving with his three nephews, he started work by converting the Swedish king. Soon after, his nephews were murdered and he is shown in art holding their heads. This doesn't say much for the artists involved as the heads are often mistaken for loaves of bread.