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01/02: Reports:

Nationwide Division One, 30/10/02, 7.45pm
Stoke City
Previous encounters

Last time: 0-2 (28/02/96)
Lingering memory: The second game of the second GT era. And the second defeat.
Previous results: See Watford Versus...

Our opponents

Background: See season preview
Last match: vs. Sheffield United (A, 24/10/02, L1-2)
Last line-up: N Cutler, C Clarke, B Gunnarsson, P Handyside, S Shtaniuk, W Thomas, B Gudjonsson, P Hoekstra, J O'Connor, A Cooke, T Mooney (Subs: J Viander, K Henry, J Vandeurzen, M Goodfellow, C Greenacre)
Ex-Potters at Watford: None
Ex-Hornets at Stoke: Tommy Mooney
Mutual friends: Dave Bamber, Allan Smart, Brian Talbot
Web sites: Potters Underground, The Oatcake (Rivals), Official

Shorts, Scarf or Souwester?: See Met Office (Nottingham)

On this day

Previous reports: Sheffield United 0 Watford 2, 30/10/01
Celebrity birthdays: Charles Atlas (1893), Diego Maradona (1960)
Historical events: Jim Morrison was sentenced to 6 months in jail and fined $500 for exposing himself in Miami (1970); Tunnelers met under the English Channel and connected England to France (1990)
Saint of the day: Saint Benventuta's family was happy with her holy antics. However, even Benventuta realised she'd gone a bit far when she tied a rope tightly around her waist. The rope bit into her flesh and it looked like she'd need an operation to remove it, but with God's help it miraculously fell away.