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02/03: Reports:

F.A. Cup Semi-Final, 13/04/02, 4.30pm
We're proud of you
By David Hart

Now that I've written a piece for BSaD for the last two rounds, superstition dictates that I have to pen a few words even though I am so excited that my hands are shaking and my brain is completely scrambled.

Right, calm down....

What got us through to the semi final off the pitch? Well, apart from my lucky trainers, top, grundies, music on the c.d., scarves out of the window, shouting "COME ON!" at the mirror, praying, bacon sarnies, and Kronenbourg, I personally think it's largely because we, the fans, have been a credit to our club. So if you thought you were loud at the last few games, think again...this time we will be earth shatteringly noisy!

So please, please, please, even if we go one down, or perish the thought, two down, don't give up on the lads. It's a wonderful bonus to be where we are...let's enjoy it! For the couple of thousand who were at the relegation party in 'Boro, let's do the same again.

As the song goes..."we're proud of you, we're proud..."