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02/03: Preview: Rotherham United
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
Hovered defiantly above the relegation zone for the entire season, which is probably as much as they hoped for.

How will they do?
The thing about sides like Rotherham is that as long as the house is in order they will be capable of survival via displays of discipline and occasional exuberance. As soon as the cracks start appearing behind the scenes they will collapse like a tower of cards (see e.g. Stockport last season). No evidence of this in two awkward games last year, but the fact that chairman Ken Booth heads the Millers' Weakest Link poll in our survey is not a sign of everyone pulling together. Will survive, but only just.

Rotherham on Big Brother...?
"Are you still here?" The new series of Big Brother starts with a shock, as it turns out that Rotherham, assumed by everyone else to have been evicted about half-way through the previous run, are still in the house when the next set of contestants arrive.