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02/03: Reports:

Nationwide Division One, 09/11/02, 3pm
Rotherham United
Previous encounters

Last time: 1-1 (11/01/02)
Lingering memory: Someone throwing a meat pie at Vialli. And missing.
Previous results: See Watford Versus...

Our opponents

Background: See season preview
Last match: vs. Wimblestein (A, 05/11/02, W3-1)
Last line-up: M.Pollitt, R.Scott, P.Hurst, C.Swailes, G.Branston, C.Sedgwick, D.Garner, N.Daws, A.Monkhouse, A.Lee, R.Barker (Subs: D.Byfield, P.Warne, M.Bryan, S.Talbot, I.Gray)
Ex-Millers at Watford: None
Ex-Hornets at Rotherham: None
Mutual friends: Nigel Jemson, Ian Richardson
Web sites:, Millersnet (Rivals), Official

Shorts, Scarf or Souwester?: See Met Office (Sheffield)

On this day

Previous reports: Rotherham United 0 Watford 0 09/11/96
Celebrity birthdays: Gianni Puccini (1914), Jill Dando (1961)
Historical events: Nazi troops and sympathizers destroyed and looted 7,500 Jewish businesses, burned 267 synagogues, killed 91 Jews, and rounded up over 25,000 Jewish men in an event that became known as Kristallnacht or "Night of Broken Glass." (1938); Communist East Germany opened its borders, allowing its citizens to travel freely to West Germany (1989)
Saint of the day: Saint Benin was the son of an Irish chieftain and was still a child when became obsessed with St Patrick. He sprinkled flowers on Patrick whilst he slept and clung to his feet when he tried to leave. Instead of taking out a restraining order, Patrick made Benin one of his disciples and Benin succeeded him as the Bishop of Armagh.