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02/03: Preview: Crystal Palace
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
Looked worryingly as if they might finally be heading for the Premiership for a bit. Steve Bruce turning up with a weekend bag never looked like good news, however (claiming that he was doing the club a favour by moving to London - not a good sign) and Eagles supporters suffered a double whammy when Bruce left for Brum and Trevor Francis came in the other way, gurgling about how nice it was to take over a club that was doing well. I'm not sure that even Palace deserved that (no laughing at the back).

How will they do?
Well if they don't go up, it obviously won't be Trev's fault. Morrison will probably be a Birmingham player by the time you read this, and will probably be taking any realistic play-off chances Palace have with him. Mid-table anonymity. See you there...

Crystal Palace on Big Brother...?
Stuart from series two...arrogant, argumentative, not particularly popular and ultimately unsuccessful.