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02/03: Preview: Norwich City
Opposition opinion

Soundbites (from assorted Census correspondents)
"We need good players not just team spirit"

"Honourable mention in 'worst XI' terms for Mike Sheron and Ulf Ottoson. I saw Jon Fashanu 'play' in midfield in an away game at Ewood Park : a performance which defied description, really. Also I've forgotten midfielders worse than Morris, and can't recall them due to a selective filter in my brain (the same one you use to remove memories of car crashes etc). God I hate Palace."

"i struggled to think of a weakest link in the team........a good sign i think"

"When we had Mark Bowen, small a club as we were in the Premiership at the time, he was reputedly one of the highest earning players in the entire Premiership at its inception - no wonder we're in the brown stuff!"

"bloody horsfield just had to go didn't he? and i can't think of eleven bad city players!"

"Andy Marshall is, was and alwyas will be crap. Not dominant in the box, crap at gathering crosses and I hacve never seen a worse kicker. It was his fault we were relegated from the Premier league anyway (Bryan Gunn missed the season with a broken leg, with him we would have scraped up and re-built and be doing a Charlton by now). Not soyur grapes as he went to Isphit, the binners are welcome to him, though I'm still pissed he went there on a bosman (it would have been great to have conned them out of a million)."

"We're going up as Champions!! (I've been saying this the past 7 years!)"