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02/03: Preview: Norwich City
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
Dramatically exceeded both their expectations and the downward spiral to which the club appeared to have dropped into by sneaking into the play-offs, entertainingly disposing of Wolves and coming within a hair's breadth of doing the same to Birmingham.

How will they do?
Despite their heroics last season City were clearly punching above their weight. Respondents to our census now see themselves as strong playoff certs with an fair chance of an automatic spot. Realistically, City will do extremely well to make the top six again.

Norwich on Big Brother...?
After weeks in the house, Norwich are evicted and emerge into the media spotlight, anxious to know which celebrity fans they've gained along the way. Will it be Johnny Depp? Or Jordan? Maybe Kylie? Or even Graham Norton, or Jonathan Ross? God, even Tara-Para-Bara-Tombomwomkinbinson would do, or Big Mo from Eastenders. Oh. It's Delia. Hello, Delia.