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02/03: Preview: Millwall
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
Good, but no cigar. Played themselves into the play-offs, giving us probably our most severe whipping of the season on New Years Day on the way. Lost to Birmingham in the play-off semi-finals, the sort of fixture that will always be the severest test of attempts to improve the Lions' image.

How will they do?
Like several of last season's contenders, having missed out last time they will do well to come as close again... if only because their financial situation is such that they couldn't afford to offer their out-of-contract players new deals. As such, having paid half-a-million for Darren Ward at the beginning of the season, they ended up effectively giving us a superior defender for nothing. But for which, you'd have to feel sorry for them. Still good enough to challenge, outside chance of a play-off place.

Millwall on Big Brother...?
One of the friendliest housemates when sober, gets aggressive and lairy when drunk. Voted out unanimously in the first week.