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02/03: Preview: Leicester City
Opposition opinion
by Foxes fan Bob Wood

What happened last season?
We lurched from one disaster to another. Peter Taylor managed to finish spending the club's legacy, hard-earned over the MO'N years, on a bunch of ne'er-do-wells; he paid too much for them and paid them too much. The club were slow, far too slow, to realise what was going on and by the time they took any action there was too little of the season left for Harry Bassett to make any difference - not that he looked like ever making any difference; his results were as bad as Peter Taylor's had been. It was not until after the relegation axe had fallen, and Mickey Adams had taken the helm, that we finally strung a few results together - we finished the season on a four-game unbeaten run; three of them draws!!!

What's going to happen next season?
So much depends on so many things! A new ground has improved the fortunes of not a few clubs; but is starting the season in a lower division the best way to attract bums to those 10,000 extra seats?

The line-up for the new season seems to remain a mystery; crowd-favourite Robbie Savage and arguably PT's best signing Gary Rowett have gone. Muzzy Izzett looks set to follow them along with Ian Walker if anybody wants him. Dennis Wise seems to be facing the sack but I don't think anybody will be too bothered about that. The Leicester faithful seem to believe that the club is correct in trying to jettison the expense and in giving youth a chance. Time will tell.

A lot depends on how the season starts. Six points from Watford and Reading in our first two home fixtures (am I allowed to say that in a Watford fanzine?) will see our hopes soaring and with a sensible pricing policy the club should be able to fill some of those extra seats. Extra voices to add to the atmosphere and to push the players back towards the Premiership. Automatic promotion? - I doubt it; there seem to be others with a greater claim. For me, I would like to see us in a play-off place; those four trips to Wembley p/o finals in the 90s will live for ever in the minds of many Leicester fans - let's have some more of that!!!!

But as the recent announcement to the Stock Exchange shows, we are in a desperate financial position. Perhaps not as bad as Bradford; perhaps not as bad as some other clubs who are not facing up to the fact. Perhaps the first thing to aim for is survival. Survival for Leicester City - and survival for the game as we know it!

Can you recommend a pub for away fans?
If you're coming by train make your way to The Counting House in Almond Road, Freemens Park (ask for the old cattle market).

If you're coming by car, try The Huntsman on Narborough Road (the main road in from junc 21 of the M1).

What's the nearest railway station?
Leicester - almost half an hour's walk from the ground, or 20 minutes if you know where you are going!!!

With the West Coast Main Line out of action at weekends this summer, train travellers are either going to have to go into London and back out in - or take that little train to St Albans and change there and at Luton. Or perhaps you could drive to Luton and get the train there - but then why would a Watford fan want to leave his car in Luton - far safer to drive all the way!!!!

Where is the best place to park?
It's all street parking. Try any of the streets off the Narborough Road after you have gone under the railway bridge.

Soundbites (from assorted Census correspondents)


"I have never forgiven Watford Football Club for the way they treated Leicester fans on the last day of the 1995/96 season"

"Under no circumstances take Peter Taylor as your manager. Though if he does take over and signs Dennis Wise, we would be very pleased"

"My mate Rob (who has in the past turned out for the Watford Internet team) intends going to the first game at the new Filbert street on 19th Aug in a posh box! The bloody prawn sandwich eater. Have a word."

"Don't employ Peter Taylor"

"worst manager: Peter Taylor"

"My wife has a boil on her arse plus I defy you to find a Fox unwilling to put Akintosspot in their starting 11 above"

"There's this great player called Trevor Benjamin, he's a legend, score you 20 goals a season...beg, borrow or steal the cash to buy this once-in-a-lifetime superstar..."
"Bugger it, he's yours for 2.50 and a packet of wine gums"

"I hate Derby"