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02/03: Preview: Leicester City
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
Abominably. Peter Taylor's armageddon had been on the cards since the middle of the previous season and came as no surprise to any of us who remembered his involvement with Steve Perryman's stupefying Watford side of a decade ago. It got so bad for City that for a while they looked like outstripping our Premiership points record. Unfortunately they couldn't get that right either.

How will they do?
Looked very much the weakest of the three relegated sides and have already moved on several of their most important players. With Dennis Wise helpfully sowing Napalm into a side that will depend on togetherness as much as ability, Leicester will do extremely well to make the play-offs. Ninth.

Leicester on Big Brother...?
Shouty, abrasive and moody. A bit like Bubble in Series 2; Dennis Wise and Muzzy Izzet add the Lahnden thing.