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02/03: Reports:

Nationwide Division One, 21/04/03, 3.00pm
Derby County
Previous encounters

Last time: 0-0 (08/04/00)
Lingering memory: None. Zzzzz.
Previous results: See Watford Versus...

Our opponents

Background: See season preview
Last match: vs. Millwall (H, 16/04/03, L1-2)
Last line-up: A.Oakes, W.Barton, P.Ritchie, T.Mooney, R.Jackson, C.Burley, S.Valakari, A.Bolder, P.Boertien, G.Kinkladze, F.Ravanelli (Subs: P.Mills, R.Lee, A.Murray, I.McLeod, L.Grant)
Ex-Rams at Watford: None
Ex-Hornets at Derby: Tommy Mooney
Mutual friends: Nigel Callaghan, Steve Cherry, Steve Hodge, Glyn Hodges, Martin Kuhl, Charlie Palmer, Mick Quinn, Craig Ramage, Eric Steele
Web sites: The Baseball Bat, From the eStand, Official

Shorts, Scarf or Souwester?: See Met Office (London)

On this day

Previous reports: Watford 2 Gillingham 3 21/04/02
Celebrity birthdays: Elizabeth II (1926), Robert Smith (1959)
Historical events:Mongol Emperor Babur annihilated the Indian Army of Ibrahim Lodi (1526), Brasilia became the capital of Brazil (1960)
Saint of the day: Saint Beuno, the patron saint of healthy cattle, was famed for restoring severed heads. These included the heads of St Winifred and a bride who'd been beheaded by her new husband. Not one to take sides, Beuno also restored the head of the bridegroom after the bride's family had caught up with him.