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02/03: Preview: Burnley
Opposition opinion

Soundbites (from assorted Census correspondents)
"The worst manager was without doubt John Bond. Most of his team would have got into this side but I, thankfully, can't remember most of their names"

"John Bond is the worst the manager any football club has ever had!"

"Most of that worst XI are from our 'infamous' relegation battle of 86-87. David Jones had to be about the most incapable player ever to play for Burnley. Quite what Nathan Peel and John Gayle were doing playing for us in Division 1 is beyond me. More talent in an empty can of spaghetti"

"If we are to do well we have to get rid of graham brach! and paul cook! plus tell stan that football is played with a midfield as burnley dont have one!...just defence and attackers! and tell the chairman not to waste thousands of pounds on football has-beens!! ie: gazza"