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02/03: Preview: Burnley
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
Polished off some of the rough edges of the previous campaign and surprisingly emulated their near-miss finish of 2000-01. Will be far less satisfied this time however, having been in serious contention for the play-offs until the final day.

Oh, and they beat us. Again. Twice.

How will they do?
Missing out on the play-offs was probably a particularly costly wasted opportunity, with three strong looking teams coming down from the Premiership. Released a number of experienced players at the end of the season and haven't been able to replace them due to their financial situation leaving a thin looking squad. Comfortably mid-table, but no better.

Burnley on Big Brother...?
Highly unlikely to pass the auditions, really...but they'd be excellent for security on eviction nights.