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FA Cup Quarter-Final, 09/03/03, 1.30pm
Quiet, mature anticipation
By David Hart

I'm forty years old, for God's sake. When will this feeling of excitement be replaced by quiet, mature anticipation? Never, I hope! It's a wonderful feeling looking forward to a Quarter Final, and what I miss in the local build-up is at least partly compensated by knowing that the Mackems (who took their defeat to the Golden boys predictably badly) are kicking themselves for missing out on such a great chance of cup success.

Burnley. Not my favourite team or conjures up memories of defeat after defeat, GT's farewell being ruined, Lee Cook's injury and him being jeered off by the home fans, being cold, and having my car done. Even when we played them at the "home of football", I once traveled 270 miles only for the game to be called off at 2.45pm.

So come on everyone, this is our moment. Just as we did at Sunderland, let's sing our hearts out, let's not moan even if we go behind, let's celebrate being in the last eight and celebrate supporting the Golden Boys like never before...and for the fans and players who were at Turf Moor to say goodbye to GT, let's take suitable revenge for the insults that were hurled at him, and us.

See you on Sunday....I'll be the over excited one!