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02/03: Preview: Bradford City
Opposition opinion
by Yurgen the German Porn Star, Bradford's Away section Head Steward

What happened last season?
Well where do i start? Great start for about 3 weeks then the bottom seemed to fall out of the season. Whether there was unrest in the dressing room or not no one will ever know, but the team seemed to stop functioning,and as a result started to free fall down the league.

The change of manager probably came too late for us,and Nicky Law's hands were well and truely tied with regard to buying players which meant he had to work with the squad he was left with. Not the best situation to be in, we all heard the rumours about Carbone playing the idiot about when he should play but I think he was made to be a scapegoat for the teams disappointing results when he did play. Not once was there any suggestion from the club that he acted in the same way as he had done at other clubs (Sheff Wed, Villa).

Although we cant blame any one player the rumours must have made the rest of the squad feel uneasy around him and I'm sure that this contributed to the flat perfomances from some players. Basically I think that the players left last season thought that because they had been in the Prem the season before they could just go through the motions and get away with it. Selling players didn't help either especially when they went to rivals (Blake etc) but the money brought in was never used to buy quality replacements which led us (the fans) to believe that the club had accepted the season as a write off and would build for this season.

What's going to happen next season?
Who knows????.

At the moment we don't even know if we have got a squad or even if we can start thinking about this season as everything that has gone on is just so unreal. Hopefully we can get back on track, maybe Carbone will go which will allow us to bring in some new faces, and the manager can start to mould a younger team who in his words "will sweat for this club". It's goiung to take time but life is never dull up here so we will have to wait and see.

This sesaon will be a struggle for us that is for sure and we will probably be biting our fingers again come next May as per usual (How I hope I'm wrong). I think the best we can hope for is lower table comfort and the building of a team that could possibly try for promotion in 2/3 yrs time by which most of this close season will be a distant memory.

Can you recommend a pub for away fans?
The Bradford Arms on Manningham lane (approx 5 mins walk away)

What's the nearest railway station?
Bradford Interchange (in town centre approx 15 mins walk away). Most people will point you in the right direction.

Where is the best place to park?
Probably on Canal Road below the ground but the parking is a real problem.

Soundbites (from assorted Census correspondents)
"Watford will finish 8th next season Im afraid"

"Geoffrey Richmond is a smarmy crook"

"Geoffrey Richmond is a big fat lying thieving scumbag that shouldn't be allowed within ten miles of your ground or any other for that matter. Even Luton."

"Billy McKinlay should have been sued under the Trade Descriptions Act for claiming to be 'a footballer' - never have I seen such a useless attempt at football... even from the nerdy kid at school who got picked last and was made to go in goal."

"Come to Bradford for the best beer, the best curry, and of course a possible three points! - More than likely after our recent problems!"

"Theres plenty of others that could have gone in that were even worse than this shower such as eurpoean superstars as Jorge Cadete, Erik Regtop or the swede that came over with Steiner, Stevenson or svenson or something, he went on to play in the champions league!"