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02/03: Preview: Bradford City
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
Fumbled around the bottom half of the table for the most part, never seriously threatening to go down but looking even less likely to mount the promotion challenge that they had clearly anticipated.

How will they do?
At the time of writing, many Bradford fans would probably grab ignominious relegation with both hands if it implied their continued existence, the Bantams' finances appearing the most precarious of the Division One clubs. Carbone's move to Como appears to have offered a chink of light, but there are no two ways to interpret the situation when the entire senior professional staff is laid off over the summer. If the Bantams continue to exist (and one can only hope that they do, Richmond or no Richmond), they will do astonishingly well not to go down.

Bradford on Big Brother...?
Well, Geoffrey Richmond would certainly be "Nasty" Nick from the first series. Had a half-baked plan to obtain riches and fortune, looked pathetically lost when it call came crashing down around his ears.