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01/02: Preview: Wolverhampton Wanderers
Opposition opinion
by Wolves fans Phil Bradley and Mark Blackman

What was last season like?
Mark:Bloody awful, but not particularly surprising.
Phil:Worse than most of our previous 12 seasons in this bloody division. A complete lack of ambition shown by the board in selling Akinbyi just as the season starts only to replace him with Fat Bob Taylor from Man City who spent half the season injured or in the pie shop. The shambles at the club was summed up when our MD Jez Moxey was being interviewed on local radio saying that Colin Lee wanted to sell Akinbyi, only for Lee to phone up and say live on air that he didn't want rid of him. Needless to say Colin was picking up his dole money a few weeks later.

What's next season gonna be like?
Mark:Bloody awful, but not particularly surprising.
Phil:Well at the end of last season the board promised Dave Jones 10mil to spend and "one big push" for the Premiership, and that 5 new players would be on board before our pre-season trip to Portugal. Well the players have now returned from Portugal and so far we've signed Mark Kennedy for 1/5th of that (looking good so far), errr re-signed Andy Sinton who was out of contract, let 3 players go on frees... If all goes according to plan and we sign Collymore expect to see us attracting attention for off the field activities rather than on the field ones - Collymore, Ketsbaia, Muscat (bound to maim someone again this season) and Kennedy all have reputations to uphold. Expectations of the fans currently swings wildly from 1st place if we can spend the remaining 8mil on a quality forward and ball-winning midfielder (missing for the past 7 seasons at least) to a relegation battle. Same old Wolves.

Can you recommend a pub for away fans?
Mark:Great Western, next to railway station. To be honest most pubs outside of the centre are OK, accept for certain games. (This season: Birmingham, Coventry, the shit, Forest and Milwall)
Phil:Depends which team you are!! Pubs near the ground are predominantly home fans only. You're better off stopping somewhere on the way into the city. The Grapevine on the A449 is a favourite of many travelling fans, it's a couple of miles out of the city though. If you aren't wearing colours, support one of the "smaller" teams in the division and there's only a couple of fans you MAY get served in one of the dozens of bars in the city, but most have doormen on who will go so far as checking your matchday ticket!!

What's the nearest railway station?
Phil:Wolverhampton station, 10 minute walk at most. The police are usually on hand to ensure a safe journey to the ground if you are from one of the bigger clubs.

Where is the best place to park?
Phil:Probably in one of the many NCP's in the city centre, it's only a 5 minute walk down to the ground from there. Probably a better idea than parking in the side streets near to the ground, unless you remove all element of club colours from the car and yourselves as sadly there is still a neanderthal element attached to the club.
Mark:Why drive from Watford - there are plenty of trains & they are quite cheap?

Soundbites (from assorted Census correspondents)
"Good luck next season, see you in the play-off final!"

"The time has finally come. Wolves to be back where we belong this time next year."

"There will be a strike by referees next season as a result of itv's tv pundits comments over another dubious penalty to liverpool at the kop end."