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01/02: Reports:

Nationwide Division One, 19/02/02, 7.45pm
Previous encounters

Last time: 0-0 (26/08/00)
Lingering memory: The only thing worse than going to Selhurst to watch a game is going to Selhurst to not watch a game...
Previous results: See Watford Versus...

Our opponents

Background: See season preview
Last match: vs. Gillingham (A, 02/02/02, D0-0)
Last line-up: K.Davis, D.Holloway, P.Hawkins, K.Cunningham, T.Andersen, N.Ardley, D.Francis, M.Hughes, K.Cooper, N.Shipperley, P.Agyemang (Subs: L.Morgan, A.Kimble, C.Willmott, J.McAnuff, S.Gore)
Ex-Dons at Watford: Wayne Brown, Marcus Gayle
Ex-Hornets at Wimbledon: David Connolly, Neil Shipperley, Mark Williams
Mutual friends: Dave Bassett, Perry Digweed, Glyn Hodges, Dean Holdsworth, Mark Morris, Steve Talboys
Web sites: It's a Weird, Wonderful World, Reservoir Dons, It Must be Dons, WISA, Official

On this day

Previous reports: None
Celebrity birthdays: Nicolas Copernicus (1473), Smokey Robinson (1940)
Historical events: Cherry Coke was introduced by the Coca-Cola Company (1985), The U.S. Senate approved a treaty outlawing genocide. The pact had been submitted 37 years earlier for ratification (1986)
Saint of the day: Saint Conrad was a married nobleman until bad luck lost him his fortune and he turned to a monastery. There he became famed for his piety and miracles. On one occasion during a famine, the bishop came to his cell to ask if he could help relieve the people's hunger and Conrad responded by producing freshly baked cakes. Sadly, the same approach didn't work quite as well for Marie Antoinette some centuries later.