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01/02: Preview: Rotherham United
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
Having been favourites for the drop at the start of the season, the Millers put their heads down and burrowed forward, looked up after a while and found themselves in a promotion spot (sounds a bit like Nordin on a run, doesn't it ?). They went on to secure a second successive promotion amidst wonderful scenes of disbelief at Millmoor.

How will they do?
They've been promoted from the underworld with two promotions in two seasons. Nobody knows anything about them (except Mark Robins) and so the lazy thing is to predict a swift return whence they came. I'm not going to do that, a decision based more on bloody-mindedness than insight. Twenty-first.

Do we like them?
Ummm.... difficult to form much of an opinion really, based on the very chilly memories of a glum 0-0 at Millmoor four years ago. I guess that their unexpected promotion will have wound the likes of Reading, Stoke and Bristol City up no end. Which can't be a bad thing.

If they were a tv or radio show, what would they be?
"Trumpton". Because of Windy Miller. Or was that "Camberwick Green"...?