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01/02: Preview: Norwich City
Opposition opinion
by Ahmad Barclay of Canary Corner

What happened last season?
Pretty much the mediocre lot we expect at Carrow Road these days. Lost Craig Bellamy after the first match, writing off any real hopes of the play-offs. Bryan Hamilton jumped before he was pushed after one too many poor results. Nigel Worthington sort of put us back on track, but I'm yet to be convinced.

What's going to happen next season?
I'd guess It'll just be more of the same. Worthington's made a lot of changes to the squad (including the addition of former-Hornet Clint Easton), but I don't think the new boys are any better than what we had before. Mark Rivers? I rest my case!

It's amazing how much expectations have dropped here. Most fans would agree that our prospects of making the play-offs are remote at best. Worthington has a hell of a lot to prove if we're ever going to get that far. Don't forget, this is the same man that single-handedly turned Blackpool from an upwardly mobile Divison 2 side into a struggling up-and-under Division 3 side (although they've since recovered).

Can you recommend a pub for away fans?
All of them are pretty friendly to away fans as far as I know - I normally go to The Ferryboat on King Street - less than five minutes from the ground (often away supporters about).

What's the nearest railway station?
Norwich railway station (Thorpe) is less than five minutes walk from the ground. Stadium is visible on the way into the city by rail.

Where is the best place to park?
Multi-storey car park at the Riverside complex (shopping/entertainment) across the road. Also a smallish car park off King Street five or ten minutes walk away. Other car parks in and around the city centre - around a fifteen minute walk.

Soundbites (from assorted Census correspondents)

"No current squad player would come anywhere near any All Time Top XI Norwich side, not even in a squad of 30."

"I have no idea why I hate Palace so much but I do : more than Ippo, more than Everton, more even than the Arse; I have always and probably will always loathe them....."

"Relegation is a distinct possibility but no-one dare suggest it."

"Sack the manager, sack the board."

"Bring on the Italian Mafia. Di Stefano and his war lord mates should help change our reputation as a soft club!!!"