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01/02: Preview: Manchester City
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
Their struggle to avoid relegation never captured the imagination. Somehow, you always believed that they were relegated before the season kicked off.

How will they do?
The bookies favourites, and the bookies are rarely wrong, apparently. Keegan's profile is a plus on the one hand - and certainly the signing of Pearce is one immediate payback. On the other, you get the feeling that expectations have been inflated to the point where only City winning the Champions League will satisfy the masses. And of course if City falter at the off, neither the supporters nor Mr.Keegan are terribly adept at handling failure. Play-offs at worst though, one suspects.

Do we like them?
Not really a fair question, as we've not played them in the league since 1989. The fans come from Manchester and chose not to support United, surely a good move...and yet the stench of pompous, misplaced arrogance sticks in the nostrils from at least two divisions away !

If they were a tv or radio show, what would they be?
"The Fast Show". Ahhhhy tell you. That's how it hap...goshzsweszszs DENIS LAW ! Backheel ! Zwrzrerzrwr and the FIVE-ONE ! FIVE-ONE, I say. You wouldn't believe it nowwof course. Ghurrghurrghurr and then Alan Ballzwerzwerzwer "Eeek eeek", hurrr hurrr hurrr. And there was Paulo somethingorother and... bananas ! Anyway we were very, VERY drunk.