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01/02: Preview: Grimsby Town
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
Wandered around the bottom half of the division, hoping to grab a chair when the music stopped...

How will they do?
A club the size of Grimsby is always going to be looked for at the tail end of Division One, but you're really doing yourself no favours when you allow your best defender to join Stoke City on a free. Town have lost several other members of the squad which finished 18th, and with only one genuine new arrival (plus one loan move made permanent) Town will struggle badly. Bottom.

Do we like them?
The concept of Grimsby is quite attractive... small side doing OK and so on. In practice, any away trip to Cleethorpes involves being very cold, very wet, and, if you're extremely unlucky, being stuck on a motionless train full of pissed Fulham fans for an hour outside of Doncaster. So the Mariners would be ace, as long as we never had to play them...

If they were a tv or radio show, what would they be?
Anything on a Sunday evening. Bleak.