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01/02: Preview: Nottingham Forest
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
Hovered half-heartedly on the edge of the play-offs for most of the season without ever looking terribly convincing. Got pasted twice by the Hornets, including a defeat at the City Ground morgue that was arguably our high point.

How will they do?
Forest blew an important season last time round. The portcullis has dropped, Forest no longer receive Premiership parachute money, and the financial reins are being pulled right in. The timing of Platt's departure was therefore no coincidence, and whilst Paul Hart appears to have done extremely well with the youth team, and has not shirked from tough decisions in disposing of ex-Hornets Dennis Booth and Jimmy Gilligan, pushing 50 is pretty late to kick off a top-level managerial career. Forest won't struggle, but will do well to finish top half.

Do we like them?
We're not too bothered as long as we can do the double over them every season. No other club, in all honesty, gave us such an easy ride. There is no real history of animosity between the two sides, although some Forest fans' repeated harking back to Brian Clough's achievements of the past will soon be as pitiful, misplaced and tedious as Wolves' fifties-based "big club" nonsense.

If they were a tv or radio show, what would they be?
"It's a Knockout". Living on past glories, on the rocks and definitely not famous anymore...