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01/02: Preview: Coventry City
BSaD opinion
by Matt Rowson

How did they do?
After so many years of playing chicken with the traffic, it came as a surprise when City were suddenly flattened by the relegation juggernaut.  February, March and April were spent waiting for the annual surge.  It never happened.

How will they do?
Difficult to say.  There's still plenty of quality in the squad, but rumours of parlous finances suggest that there's not much scope for new additions. The retention of Hartson, assuming that's still the case when you read this, will be encouraging, although he was hardly setting the division alight when he left last season.  How well City do is likely to depend on how well the squad - many of whom have Nationwide experience - adjusts from the transition between Old Trafford and Edgeley Park.  

Do we like them?
I don't think we're terribly bothered really. On the one hand City could claim to have been striking a blow for the smaller clubs by hanging in there all this time.  On the other hand they hung around so long that they almost became part of the establishment. And it's hard to find too much sympathy for a side that wore a brown away kit, even if it was 20 years ago.

If they were a tv or radio show, what would they be?
"Crossroads".  When they were in the top flight they were largely rubbish and nobody liked them much.  Now they're gone they're suddenly being missed.  You know that if they regain their Premiership status the reaction will be "Oh Christ, not Cov again...."