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The census explained

Each respondent was invited to predict their team's final placing. These have been summarised according to whether the prediction was for automatic promotion (1st-2nd), a play-off spot (3rd-6th), a top-half finish (7th-11th), mid-table (12th-16th), bottom half (17th-21st) or relegation (22nd-24th). The reported mean prediction is a straight average of these predictions, rounded to the nearest integer on the individual team pages.

The Perfect Table
Each respondent was asked which three teams they would choose to be relegated from Division One, which team they would want to accompany their side in promotion, and which was the worst away trip. The "perfect table" on each team's page summarises responses; the points which define a team's position consist of the number of nominations for promotion minus the number of votes for relegation from supporters of the club in question. Teams tied on points are separated first by votes for "Worst away trip" (more votes, naturally, meaning a lower positioning), and second on number of votes for promotion (in a positive "goals scored" kinda way).

Choice Signing/Weakest Link
Each respondent was invited to choose one Division One player that their club should ideally sign, plus their club's weakest link. The most popular nomination(s) in each category are listed. More than any other categories these are sensitive to the timing of the survey, hence the responses from Wolves and Sheffield United which might not have been so unanimous a week or so later...

The All-Time Eleven
Each respondent was invited to nominate their team's all-time eleven. We insisted on a 4-4-2 formation with wingers because, well, we're like that. Shirt numbering also follows GT's classic formula (so 4 and 10 are centre mid, 5 and 6 centrebacks, 7 right wing, 11 left wing, 8 and 9 up front).

The most popular nominee(s) in each position are selected. Where two or more players tie on number of votes, their nominations in other playing positions are considered. When this too yields a tie, the player from further back in history is selected on the basis that their votes must have come from a smaller pool of supporters who remember them. The armband is awarded to the player with most votes overall, and the number 9 shirt goes to the most popular striker.

Pies per season
Each respondent was asked whether their pie consumption the previous season was best described as "None", "1-10", "11-20", "21-30" or "More than 30". Averages are calculated using the midppoints of these ranges, so a club with one vote in each of the first three categories would have returned a mean pie consumption of ((0)+(5.5)+(11.5))/3=6.67.

Living Room Tidiness
Each respondent was asked to rate their Living Room as either David Ginola (Impeccable), Jim Smith (presentable), Steve Claridge (scruffy) or Wembley Stadium (a shocking mess). The rating is an index reflecting the reported tidiness overall... if all respondents had claimed impeccable living rooms, a rating of 100% would have returned. Unanimously shocking living rooms would have returned 0%.