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01/02: Reports:

Nationwide Division One, 13/11/01
Previous encounters

Last time: 0-2 (17/2/01)
Lingering memory: One Graham Taylor.
Previous results: See Watford Versus...

Our opponents

Background: See season preview
Last match: vs. Sheffield United (H, 03/11/01, W2-0)
Last line-up: N.Michopoulos, D.West, L.Briscoe, I.Cox, A.Gnohere, T.Grant, P.Cook. G.Little, P.Weller, I.Moore, G.Taylor (Subs: B.Maylett, D.Papadopoulos, L.Johnrose, A.Payton, L.Cennamo)
Ex-Clarets at Watford: None
Ex-Hornets at Burnley: Sam Ellis
Mutual friends: Paul Atkinson, Gerry Harrison, Rick Holden
Web sites: Clarets Mad, Tony's Burnley Site, Claret Flag (Rivals), Official

On this day

Previous reports: None
Celebrity birthdays: Robert Louis Stevenson (1850)
Historical events: An impostor posing as Deep Purple guitar player Ritchie Blackmore smashed up a borrowed Porsche in Iowa City (1974), M.C. Hammer played a benefit in Moscow for Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin's political party, Our Home Is Russia (1995)
Saint of the day: St Homobonus was a happily-average cloth worker, who lived in the Twelfth Century. One day during mass, he stretched out his arms in the shape of the cross and fell flat on his face. It wasn't until after mass that people realised that he had dropped dead. He was fast-tracked to canonisation because the Pope wanted to boost the quota of everyday saints, at a time when few were neither martyrs, bishops or monks. He was described as one who did "ordinary things extraordinarily well".