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Nationwide Division One, 26/8/00
Previous encounters

Last time: 0-5 (4/12/99)
Lingering memory: Long faces. Pained looks. Grim, grim, grim.
Previous results: See Watford Versus...

Our opponents

Last match: vs. Burnley (A, 19/8/00, L 0-1)
Last line-up: K.Davis, D.Jupp, A.Kimble, M.Williams, T.Andersen, N.Ardley, I.Selley, D.Francis, M.Gayle, C.Leaburn, P.Agyemang (Subs: P.Hawkins, P.Robinson, M.Thomas, C.Willmot, P.Heald)
Ex-Dons at Watford: None
Ex-Hornets at Wimbledon: Mark Williams
Mutual friends: Dave Bassett, Perry Digweed, Glyn Hodges, Dean Holdsworth, Mark Morris, Steve Talboys
Web sites: It's A Weird, Wonderful World, Reservoir Dons, It Must Be Dons, WISA, Official

Travel info

Station: "Selhurst and Thornton Heath are the same distance, about 5-10 minutes. But as mentioned, TH walks you past the Farley for a jar, many kebab/chicken places (and a cracking bakers doing a nice line in Caribbean gear - curry goat, Jamaican pasties etc) - or, after the pub, the bizarrely titled Doneagles (think about it) chippy - last shop before the ground."
Parking: "Nowhere - it's a bit congested. Unless you want to get there at 11am and pretend you are going to Sainsbury's! Get the train, it's very quick and then you can try and get as pissed as I did when I did the reverse fixture last season."
Pubs: "Yep. The Thomas Farley. It's where the Dons fans drink. And if you promise to turn up and be trainspotting HTML-obsessed friendly types you'll have a very warm welcome (Dons fans love BSaD). Leave your Herts hoolies at the door though. Expect to wait hours for a drink - that SE25 brainpower still hasn't worked out that matchdays get very busy. Come out the Station (Thornton Heath) walk down the High Street, it's on the right halfway down."