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Wimbledon: BSaD opinion

Word association*
Tennis (x2), Glaziers' Arms, Ha ha ha, Selhurst, That fantastic article from Bruce Reed, telling us what we needed to do to stay in the Premiership next time. D'OH!, Vinnie Jones, Wombles

Previous encounters
Last season's two games were both demoralising for the Hornets; the 5-0 reverse at Selhurst possibly the lowest of the low points, the opening day defeat the first of many occasions where points were there for the taking but went begging. Other memories... giving Mick Harford hassle in another grim defeat at Selhurst Park, Tommy Mooney's dead ant celebration, Vinnie decapitating Glyn Hodges at Plough Lane and Dave Bassett's first game in charge at the Vic when Everything Was Going To Be All Right...

Last season
The Dons finally dropped out of the top flight some fourteen years later than generally expected. A Bad Thing, in my opinion.

Next season
The Dons have had to cash in on a couple of their young stars, but should have more than enough in the tank - and the bank - to maintain a reasonable challenge. A solid start should see the Dons into a play-off place (to audible groans from above).

How to annoy a Wimbledon fan
And why would you want to do that? Following that hell-awful 5-0 defeat, BSaD received mail from numerous Dons fans, all of them gracious and charming. At our lowest point, they tried to pick us up and, for that, some public thanks are in order. Yeah, if you want to be cynical, you can say that it's easy to be gracious when you've just stuffed five goals past someone...but that never seems to work for Man Utd fans, does it? So, three cheers for you lot.

* A unique experiment, featuring instant reactions from BSaD pundits to the mention of the club's name.