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Tranmere: BSaD opinion

Word association*
Cold; Favourites (apparently); Half Man Half Biscuit; John Aldridge; Love them for their part in our run to Wembley; Mental; Roy of the Rovers; Thieves

Previous encounters
Only the goddamn game that started it all. At twenty past four on Easter Saturday in 1999 we were heading for mid-table obscurity. Then John Aldridge got Johnno sent off, Watford was stirred out of its collective coma and the red mist descended. The remainder of that game was completely mental. Additionally... Jamie Moralee actually playing well; the Phillips/Wilkinson double-act that never was; Danny Coyne having one of his less confident days and Steve Hodge in a Watford shirt.

Last season
Rovers' season was, in truth, dominated by their Cup runs, notably the commendable achievement of getting within an inch of Europe via the Worthington Cup. In the league, an inconspicuous thirteenth.

Next season
If you knew one thing about Tranny last season it was Dave Challinor and his thrown-ins. If you knew a second it was that Rovers weren't "just" a long-ball outfit, they could play a bit as well. Since when, Alan Mahon has left for Portugal, Paul Rideout has arrived and the general intention seems pretty clear. Few do it better though, Rovers look good for a top half finish.

How to annoy a Tranmere fan
Judging by the fact that John Aldridge is permanently on the verge of clouting someone, the job's already been done.

* A unique experiment, featuring instant reactions from BSaD pundits to the mention of the club's name.