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Portsmouth: BSaD opinion

Word association*
Alan Ball having his car repossessed; Calcutta; Carry on Pompeii; Dingalingalingaling; Sailors; Sea; Sunburn; Supporters

Previous encounters
Very, very hot sunshine, a very, very lucky win, a very, very dull draw, a relegation-sealing Easter defeat, Neil Shipperley's goal.

Last season
A fifteen game winless run around the turn of the year saw Pompey facing relegation, but a recovery around Easter steadied the ship and saw the club finish eighteenth... disappointing, given the high expectations following Milan Mandaric's takeover.

Next season
Portsmouth are the longest-serving residents of this division, having neither been relegated nor promoted since they came down from the top flight with us in 1988... the Pauline Fowler of Division One if you will. This is unlikely to change this season, with mid-table irrelevance on the cards. Ig would want me to add the prediction that Fratton Park will return to form by being wet and miserable when we visit in September also.

How to annoy a Pompey fan
Let them know how it feels. Whenever they begin to speak, interrupt them by ringing a huge bell and parping away on a bugle.

* A unique experiment, featuring instant reactions from BSaD pundits to the mention of the club's name.