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00/01: Season preview:
Portsmouth: opposition opinion
by Phil, of Pompeyweb

How will Portsmouth do next season?
It's the perennial question that every fan asks of their team as the new season approaches. As for Pompey, I don't think they'll struggle as much as they have in the past few seasons. Who knows, they may even have learned that a game lasts for ninety minutes and not eighty. They won't reach the dizzying heights of the top six (though I live in hope).

What do you/Portsmouth think of Watford?

What is the most beautiful thing about Portsmouth?
The best sight in the world (bar none) is the view across the city as you approach it from the north, over Portsdown Hill. You know that down there, amongst all those houses, is Fratton Park. If you ever get time take a detour along the top of the hill. You won't be disappointed with the view (unless it' pouring with rain).

What is the ugliest thing about Portsmouth?
The 6:57 crew (sorry, guys).

Which pundit do Portsmouth fans hate the most and please think of something creative to do to him/her?
I don't know if we do hate any of the pundits, with the possible exception of Kevin "scummer" Keegan when he's on the box (but then doesn't everyone?). The words "creative" and "Keegan" will only ever appear in this sentence.

Can you recommend a friendly pub near Fratton Park?
The Breweres Arms and The Pickwick are both away fan friendly and are both in Milton Road, about five minutes from the ground (fifteen minutes if pissed). The Brewers Arms would probably be your best bet if it's a decent pint you're after. The Pickwick is probably better for food and those of you with young families.

Where's the best place to park near Fratton Park?
If you get there early enough, ie two hours before kick-off, you should be able to park in the hospital car-park (pay and display). Otherwise it's on-street parking in Velder Avenue near the Good Companion pub or possibly Rodney Road next to the ground (mainly reserved for coaches though).

What's the nearest railway station to Fratton Park and how far is it ?
Fratton is the nearest station to the ground and is about fifteen minutes walk from the ground, past a few burger vans and programme sellers.