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00/01: Season preview:
Preston: opposition opinion
by Jonathan Richardson, of Deepdale Rudge

How will Preston do next season?
I think we should hold our own this season, continue to play decent football and finish around mid-table. Last season, we played better against the teams in the top half but lost points to teams who were scrapping for points at the bottom ie. if we hadn't lost to the likes of Chesterfield at home we should have finished with well over 100 points. We also outplayed Everton at Goodison in the FA Cup before losing to two late goals and during 98/99, we took 4 points off Man City and they went straight up again. However, the last time we won promotion, we struggled to adjust to the step up and nearly went down so we're all aware of the big difference in divisions.

In the early 90's, we finished seventeenth three times (how boring?) so we'll probably finish there.

What do you/Preston think of Watford?
Watford is the original family club and with your bright strip, popular with kids (and myself when I was a nipper), I think most football fans see you from this point of view. Also, when I think of Watford I think of the old away end set back from the pitch, particularly when Hoddle scored that goal - sorry.

What is the most beautiful thing about Preston?
The old Town End terrace, when packed, is a stunning sight, very rare in football these days. Sadly, the stand will be demolished at Christmas. I think the name Preston North End is quite beautiful but maybe I'm just biased. It's such a great name, for me it represents great traditional English football and if hadn't been for Glossop North End, would also be unique. Our home has always been Deepdale and our greatest player, Sir Tom Finney, has never worked with another club. Loyality is so lacking in football these days but I think there's quite a lot of loyality at the club and in Preston as a town (says me writing from London!).

From an architectural point of view, the new floodlights are also very beautiful and the huge Preston bus station is vastly underrated also. The old Town End terrace, when packed, is a stunning sight, very rare in football these days. Sadly, the stand will be demolished at Christmas.

What is the ugliest thing about Preston?
Our chairman, Bryan Gray, is an absolute minger, but still, he's done a decent job and recently criticised neighbours Blackburn Rovers for the way in which they built success overnight but at the same time were killing football. Gray was pleased because now we're in the same division through spending very little, however, I would still like to ask what he would do if he'd had Jack Walker's money to spend. I hate empty plastic seats, they are extremely ugly but that's a football problem, not Preston's.

Which pundit do Preston fans hate the most and please think of something creative to do to him/her?
Without question, Elton Welsby. He covers football in the north-west for Granada and has always had his favourite teams, like Tranmere and Oldham for example. He's always come in for stick from Preston fans and he knows it, often mentioning his latest sack of complaint letters from irrate Northenders, during his various football programmes. I've not lived in the north-west for several years now but I recently went home and watched him again, and sadly he seems to have got worse - he was simply dreadful. A nice idea for our Elton would be to tie him up to the goalposts in front of a packed Town End at Deepdale so we could all sing one of our oldest and favourite songs, "Elton Welsby, you're a wamnker, you're a wanker...". Physically, he would be OK, mentally, he would be finished and therefore wheeled off to the local Whittingham Hospital.

Can you recommend a friendly pub near Deepdale?
The Sumners or The Garrison are both friendly pubs, welcoming away supporters. From the town centre, walk past the ground then pass Sainsburys, and you'll see the two pubs at the top of the road.

Where's the best place to park near Deepdale?
Lots of street parking all round the ground really. These days numerous schools open up there playgrounds and they're a quid per vehicle. Avoid the park car park opposite the ground - it will take you at least half an hour to leave.

What's the nearest railway station to Deepdale and how far is it ?
Preston station is 1.5 miles away from the ground. Directions: Right out of the station walk up Fishergate leading to Church Street, follow to the end through the lights and you'll come to the bottom of Deepdale Road. You should have seen the 'crowds' by then.