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Palace: BSaD opinion

Word association*
Aaaarrrggggh; Bloody Hell; Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch; Crap; Flowing Kings; Scum; Team of the Eighties ("oh, how I laughed when they got relegated"); W*nkers

Previous encounters
Sasa Curcic's antics, in retrospect, were the last pitiful flailings of an ailing career. But still bloody annoying. And what was that growth on his face ? Then there was the win at the Vic, and Tommy's ever so slightly fortunate header. George bloody Ndah in a Cup Replay and a gratifying 2-0 win over their division-winning side at Selhurst Park.

Last season
The dying throes of Palace last season would have provoked a lot more sympathy had they been enured by any number of other clubs. As it is, it's probably a good job the Eagles have been saved and we don't have to feel guilty about hating them any more...

Next season
Recent press has seen Hayden Mullins making defiant promises of a play-off challenge. No side claiming to aim for the play-offs at this stage will get anywhere near them of course, and it's difficult to see Palace doing anything but struggling. The return of Alan Smith to the helm is an added reason to dislike the Eagles (as if any were needed). Could go down.

How to annoy a Palace fan
You can't. It's impossible. Anyone who spends their life following the Eagles has skin so thick that even the most piercing insults just bounce harmlessly away.

* A unique experiment, featuring instant reactions from BSaD pundits to the mention of the club's name.