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00/01: Season preview:
Forest: opposition opinion
by Gary McCafferty of Trickynet

How will Forest do next season?
I'd say we will finish in the top six if we carry on the form we ended last season on. There is talk of some high quality players coming to the City Ground so our squad should be significantly improved. We have some very promising youngsters who were breaking into the first team last season, they can only get better. I wouldn't be surprised if we finished in one of the automatic promotion slots, but then again I am always optimistic before each season.

What do you/Forest think of Watford?
Personally I like Watford - well, let's say I liked Watford last season. I always like the underdog, and Watford were the ultimate underdog along with Bradford last season. I admired the spirit of the team. I just wish our players had the same spirit last season. In general I don't think Forest fans have anything against Watford, but that could change in the course of the season.

What is the most beautiful thing about Forest?
The most beautiful thing about Forest? Well, if you asked me before 1996 I would have said our brilliant counter attacking play, passing game and enviable disciplinary record. I believe that those days are returning (slowly) except for the disciplinary record. The City Ground is one of the nicest looking stadiums in the country - not like those plastic things Bolton and D*rby have.

What is the ugliest thing about Forest?
After last season that's gotta be our disciplinary record. I think we finished something like second last in the fair play league. However many of those red cards should never have been given - like when Tony Vaughan was sent off for being headbutted by Adi Akinbiyi!

Did we miss anything with Stern John?
Yes, bigtime! He has class. I think he hit the woodwork about ten times in his first four or five games (Perhaps some sort of explanation of the rules required? - Ed). He was very unlucky last season with injury and he was very tired as he had already played one full season in the MLS before joining us. He only scored two goals but there is potentially twenty-five goals in him next season. He is definitely Premiership class and that's where he wants to play - I only hope it will be with us.

Which pundit do Forest fans hate the most and please think of something creative to do to him/her?
Alan Brazil - hands down. I hate him, especially when Forest play Ipswich on Sky, he is so blatantly biased. He talks a lot of crap. I would love to lock him in a red coloured room and make him watch the game in 94/95 when Forest thumped Ipswich 4-1. That'd shut him up for a while.

Can you recommend a friendly pub near the City Ground?
For away fans - The Aviary.

Where's the best place to park near the City Ground?
No where in particular. Embankment near Trent Bridge is okay.

What's the nearest railway station to the City Ground and how far is it ?
The one and only Nottingham station surprisingly enough...fifteen minute walk from the ground.