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Burnley: BSaD opinion

Word association*
Waddle (x4 - "Still"), Captain Cook, Losing, More bloody humiliation, My mate Steve

Previous encounters
Two god-awful defeats at Turf Moor, one of which Chris Waddle cited as a vindication of their season, as they would have "won on aggregate, if it had been in Europe". Wake up Chris, you're about to be relegated. A home game involved a header by Jason Lee and Waddle prancing about shouting at his young and hapless side. The year before, Wayne Andrews and Gifton looking sharp and a screamer from Johnno. Whatever happened to them?

Last season
Burnley arrived on the scene quite late, and stole second place from under the noses of long-time residents Wigan. Ian Wright added a bit of media interest, but will not be around this season.

Next season
Well, they'll beat us in May, if nothing else. Burnley always beat Watford at Turf Moor, it's the law, and as if that wasn't enough there's the two ex-Kenilworth charmers Mitchell Thomas, Phil Gray and Steve Davis, all guaranteed to score in that one even if none has scored all season to that point.

As for the rest of the season, the lazy prediction would be that the Clarets will struggle and probably go down. And I'm feeling rather tired, as it goes....

How to annoy a Burnley fan
Mobile phones ringing when you're on a train are really annoying, aren't they? Maybe Burnley fans find that annoying too. (Look, it's Friday afternoon, okay?)

* A unique experiment, featuring instant reactions from BSaD pundits to the mention of the club's name.