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00/01: Season preview:
Burnley: opposition opinion
by Tony Redman of Tony's Burnley Site

How will Burnley do next season?
I think we will manage to consolidate our Division One position.

What do you/Burnley think of Watford?
I can't speak for other Burnley fans but as far as I know we have never had any real trouble with Watford or their fans, so they're okay in my book!

What is the most beautiful thing about Burnley?
The most beautiful thing about Burnley FC is probably either this season's kit or the two new stands that were built about five years ago now.

What is the ugliest thing about Burnley?
The ugliest thing may be either the Cricket Field stand or Glen Little (although Glen is a fantastic player!).

Can you recommend a friendly pub near Turf Moor?
There are two, really. Burnley Cricket Club is right next to the ground, away fans often go in there. Parking costs £2 and they sell pie and peas. The other is the Queen Victoria - this is part of the Brewsters chain, so food is available all day. Away fans often park there as it is only a five minute walk to the ground and it's also free.

What's the nearest railway station to Turf Moor and how far is it ?
The nearest station is Manchester Road - a brisk walker could probably make it to the ground from there in about fifteen minutes.