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Blackburn: BSaD opinion

Word association*
Money (x2); Kenny Dalglish (x2); Fannydangle; Spartak; Strong

Previous encounters
Howard Gayle's hapless posturing in the 1989 play-offs, a cracker from Darren Bazeley, "we're gonna win 7-6" in the Coca-Cola at Ewood Park and Garry Thompson sort of hanging in the air.

Last season
Nobody expected them to go down in the first place, even fewer expected them to do anything but maul Division One last season. Instead, Blackburn lurked in mid-table all season as the rest of the division awaited a burst of form that never really materialised. Eleventh was a major disappointment.

Next season
Rovers may be pre-season favourites again, but this is a club that hasn't had a good season for some time. Hignett is a great capture, but Rovers are likely to suffer from the shared nervous glances whenever the chips are down that dogged Manchester City for so long. Additionally, it's hard to see Sounness as any kind of composed, inspirational leader. Ninth.

How to annoy a Blackburn fan
Whether they bought their way to the top of the English game or not, the moral high ground is all yours. So take it, enjoy it, parade around on it. Then run away very quickly - after all, you might have the moral high ground but they've got Graeme Sounness on their side....

* A unique experiment, featuring instant reactions from BSaD pundits to the mention of the club's name.